The “Star Wars” Documentary “Elstree 1976” Hits Theaters On May 6

April 25, 2016 — It is doubtful that anyone connected to the original Star Wars movie back in 1976 imagined that every memory, every story, every piece of memorabilia from those days would become so important.

Certainly not the extras who found themselves in Elstree Studio, taking direction from the then-unknown George Lucas. Nor were they likely to think that appearing in the film — particularly underneath extravagant costumes and masks that made them unrecognizable — would be a game changer for them.

And in some ways, it wasn’t. Many of the extras who helped make Star Wars such a success are still unknowns. 

But the rabid fan base for the movies still turns out at Comic Coms and Star Wars conventions, happy to meet the man under the Stormtrooper #6 mask. It isn’t Han Solo fame (and Harrison Ford probably had no idea what the movie would do for his career, either) but it has affected their lives nonetheless.

Elstree 1976  interviews the men and women who never achieved stardom through their roles in the original film, but who lived the experience from the very beginning. Some were unimpressed at first. One saw it as “another job of work,” which they all felt “was being made for TV.” 

Of course, some of them have made a permanent living from being in the films — their sought-after presence at conventions is a significant source of revenue.

But for those who love Star Wars — and all of its trivia — Elstree 1976 is a “must watch” movie.

FilmRise will release Elstree 1976 theatrically on May 6; it will also be available on DVD and Blu-Ray on that date. Pre-order is available here.
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