Festival Favorite “Women Who Kill” Available On Amazon Video Today

August 29, 2017 —
It seems like it would be easy to recognize a serial killer. But is it really?

In Women Who Kill, Morgan and Jean have been together forever; once lovers, the two women still host a podcast about jailed female serial killers.

When Morgan meets Simone at a local Brooklyn food co-op, she is immediately smitten by the young, lovely and mysterious younger woman. But once it becomes clear that a serial killer is stalking around the neighborhood, Morgan’s new love becomes more complicated than anyone could have thought.

Tensions rise as Jean comes to question Morgan’s new romance. Could her envious suspicion unearth a truth that will change everything they know? The women take to their podcast to find out.

Women Who Kill is part comedy, part horror, part mystery and part social commentary — and all parts entertaining thrill. Women Who Kill won multiple awards throughout its tremendous festival run, from Tribeca’s Jury Award to OUTfest’s Best Screenwriting Award (American), among others.

Women Who Kill is available to stream on Amazon Video today.
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