FilmRise Acquires The Sundance Film Festival Audience Award-Winning “I Dream In Another Language”

February 22, 2017 — The North American rights to I Dream in Another Language, which won the Audience Award at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, have been acquired by FilmRise.

The deal was announced by The Hollywood Reporter.

Director Ernesto Contreras‘ film has been ecstatically received by reviewers. ” Sueño en otro idioma [I Dream in Another Language] is a smashing success. …Sueño en otro idoma realizes a fully developed, multifaceted story that engages us through its performers’ capacity to broadcast their characters’ feelings—which transfixes us. Even as the bittersweet ending may choke us up, the journey to that point is invaluable.

Each actor performs impeccably in Sueño en otro idioma—especially the leads. In doing so, the topics of indigenous preservation, sexual identity, academic salvation and socio-economic advancement come to the fore through our characters’ relationships.” Alexander Ortega

The film concerns Martin, a linguistics researcher, who travels to Mexico in an attempt to save a language in danger of dying out — the indigenous language of Zikril, which has only three native speakers.

Unfortunately for Martin and for the language, two of those people refuse to speak with one another because of a 50 year old grudge. And when the third dies suddenly, Martin’s need to get the two feuding, remaining Zikril speakers to meet with one another becomes necessary.

FilmRise will be giving I Dream in Another Language a theatrical release later this year.
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