FilmRise Announces The Acquisition Of “Manifesto,” Starring Cate Blanchett As 13 Different Characters

February 13, 2017 — FilmRise has acquired the North American rights to Manifesto, the film directed by Julian Rosefeldt, which stars Cate Blanchett as 13 separate characters, each of whom embodies a 20th century art movement.

The film will be given a theatrical release in mid 2017. The film will also be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video later this year.

Variety explains, “Manifesto puts 13 different characters on display, each of which are a physical representation of a single 20th century art movement, and are all portrayed by Blanchett. The film was shot in 12 days throughout the city of Berlin, Germany. The project originally began as an art piece at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image, where each character was simultaneously displayed on separate screens.”

When the film appeared at Sundance, The Hollywood Reporter stated:  “Rosefeldt and a very game Blanchett spring one surprising creation on the viewer after the other. The film will also be available to stream on Amazon Prime Video later this year. The distributor opted-in to Amazon Video Direct’s Film Festival Stars program, which is designed to establish an attractive distribution model for films screened at film festivals, beginning with the Sundance Film Festival….The central conceit of the project, which gives it some intellectual heft and occasionally also makes it very funny, is the apparent dissonance between the characters and their worlds on the one hand and the extracts about art either voiced as dialogue or heard in voiceover, also by Blanchett (about five sources are used per school or type of art). A Russian choreographer thus instructs her troupe about Fluxus and a worker in a garbage incineration plant muses about, among other things, futurist architecture.

Incredibly, Manifesto was shot in only 12 days and looks like a million dollars, with production design Erwin Prib doing a particularly good job of finding breathtaking and very different locations in and around Berlin. Nils Frahm and Ben Lukas Boysen’s versatile score completes the package.”

Manifesto will be released theatrically later this year.

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