“Finding Oscar,” The Acclaimed Documentary Executive Produced By Stephen Spielberg, Opens Theatrically Today

April 14, 2017 –The brilliant documentary Finding Oscar opens theatrically today.

Executive produced by Stephen Spielberg, the film tells the story of “Oscar,” who was three years old at the time of the Dos Erres massacre, during which Guatemalan government-led forces destroyed a small indigenous village and killed off almost all of the villagers.

The massacre was particularly brutal, and went un-investigated until one of the soldiers involved, unable to keep secret any longer, told the story of the atrocities committed during the several days that the killings occurred.

Oscar was spared, in part because of his striking looks — his pale skin and green eyes were prized features. He was carried off by one of the soldiers responsible for the massacre that killed Oscar’s family, and raised by the soldier’s family.

Oscar was too young to remember what went on that day. He grew up thinking that the man who was raising him was his father.

More than 30 years after the events of that day, Oscar would be approached by people looking into the Dos Erres massacre, with the idea of bringing the perpetrators to justice. The man who had raised Oscar had died years before. The young man, now living in the United States, was suddenly confronted with the truth that nothing he thought he knew about his family was true. The man he thought of as his father was a criminal.

And, to everyone’s amazement, it was discovered that Oscar’s real father was still alive.He had left the village on the day of the massacre and had never returned after hearing that his wife and nine children had all died.

He was able, electronically, to see his  son for the first time in three decades.

Finding Oscar opens theatrically today. Check here for theaters and times.
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