Flash Gordon And The “Defenders Of The Earth” Take On Ming The Merciless In One Of The Greatest Science Fiction Cartoon Series Of All Time

May 12, 2017 — The world has loved Flash Gordon since he first appeared as one of the earliest intergalactic space heroes.

In one of his later incarnations, he, the Phantom, his trusted bodyguard Lothar, Mandrake and their children — forming the newest generation of space heroes — rally their talents and defenses to fight the villains of the universe, including Ming the Merciless and his henchmen.

Ming’s collections of bad guys, villains and rapscallions is so vast that Flash and his helpers find a non-stop collections of adventures to take on.

Defenders of the Earth is a lot more fun than your run-of-the-mil science fiction series.

This cartoon version stars Lou Richards as the never daunted Flash Gordon.

Stream all four seasons of the Defenders of the Earth today on Amazon Video.
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