For President’s Day, Watch The Acclaimed Mini-Series “George Washington”

February 17, 2017 — It is the perfect time to binge-watch the acclaimed mini-series George Washington.

It is an eight hour spectacle. It covers the life of the first American President from age 11 through age 51 when he returned to his home at Mount Vernon, having led his new country through the Revolution, having seen the new nation gain its hard-fought independence from England. 

Based on Washington: the Indispensable Man (1974) by Pulitzer Prize-winning historian James Thomas Flexner, the mini-series, originally shown in three parts, was nominated for 6 Primetime Emmys.

It boasts a remarkable cast: Barry Bostwick plays Washington, Patty Duke (The Miracle Worker, A Time to Triumph) his wife Martha. Supporting stars include Lloyd Bridges (Sea Hunt), José Ferrer (Cyrano de Bergerac), Trevor Howard (The Third Man, Catholics), James Mason (A Star Is Born), Jaclyn Smith (Charlie’s Angels), Clive Revill (Avanti, The Empire Strikes Back) and Kelsey Grammer (Frasier, The Simpsons) among numerous others.

This is a magnificent, detailed production that brings history to life. The acclaimed 8-hour mini series has been digitally re-mastered.

Stream George Washington: The Complete Mini-Series — digitally re-mastered.

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