“Forensic Files” — Real Crimes, Actual Forensic Investigations

March 27, 2017 — Forensic Files is still the longest running true crime series in television history.

The show, which began in 1996, has gone through a number of name changes but the premise has remained the same over the years (1996 – 2011). Crimes, missing persons, accidents and disease outbreaks are examined and investigated by experts: police officers, coroners, doctors, legal experts, medical examiners and other law enforcement entities. Unlike the CSI and police procedural television shows, these incidents are real. Forensic Files shows how these true-life cases were finally solved.

Each show  presents an individual mystery, following it from the beginning of the investigation through to its resolution. The half hour shows often include interviews with some of the most notable forensic analysts and scientists in the world. Sometimes solving these issues involved freeing the wrongly convicted; in some instances, it took years or even decades for the experts to figure out these baffling cases. 

Sometimes cases would go cold and only the introduction of entirely new forensic techniques would open them up again.

Almost all of the shows were narrated by the late great announcer, Peter Thomas

See why Forensic Files remains so popular and so relevant.

Watch the Best of 14 seasons of Forensic Files here.

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