ALL FOR FREE (Sve Dzaba)

After his friends are killed in a bizarre bar fight, Goran devises an unusual plan to deal with the loss: he will sell his house, buy a mobile tavern and travel from town to town, giving away free drinks to everyone he meets. But for everyone except Goran, the idea is strangely suspicious, and a bit absurd, in director Antonio Nuic’s darkly humorous tale of loss and reconciliation, told as a metaphor for Bosnia’s gradual rediscovery of its shared humanity, lost during the war.

“First-time writer-director Antonio Nuic strikes a gently melancholic tone, one that seems entirely in keeping with his country’s emotional exhaustion.” -Chicago Reader

“On his first feature, young Sarajevan helmer Antonio Nuic captures the empty ache left by the death of friends and loved ones, and the survivors’ unwillingness to carry on fruitful lives following their loss. This delicate effort often hits the mark…” –Variety

‘All For Free’ is an official selection of the prestigious, award-winning Global Lens Collection presented by the Global Film Initiative.

In Serbo-Croatian with English subtitles.

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