From A Master Of French Erotic Cinema Comes “Chasing The Muse (AKA Transgression),” An Unexpected Adult Film

January 25, 2017 — Since the 1970s, Jean François Davy has been one of the best-known directors of French erotic cinema.

Specializing in documentaries, (Prostitution, Les Pornocrates and the trilogy of Exhibition, Exhibition 2 and Exhibition 79), Davy explored the sexual sensibilities of Parisians.

This time, he is one of his subjects. In Transgression (aka Chasing the Muse), he turns his camera on himself, documenting his efforts to discover a star for his upcoming erotic film. He travels through Eastern Europe filming the many, many beautiful young women who are delighted to strip off their clothes in front of his camera for the chance to star in his next film.

He expected to find a gorgeous young beauty; he did not expect to discover a young woman who could make him fall for her.

Davy’s response to his newest protege is unexpected — especially by Davy.

A film for mature audiences, Chasing the Muse (aka Transgression) is available in DVD and Blu-Ray.
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