“From Nowhere” Tells The Story Of 3 Undocumented Teens Going To High School In America

February 15, 2017 — The high school years are tough enough under normal circumstances. But what these young people face makes their circumstances even more difficult in the wrenching drama From Nowhere.

This festival favorite describes the troubles that face three undocumented teens who are going to school in the Bronx. Their lives are precarious; they deal every day with the possibility that they could be deported. 

Their teacher (Julianne Nicholson) knows that the three students are illegal. Sophie comes from The Dominican Republic; Moussa’s family comes from the Republic of Guinea and Alyssa is from Peru. She wants them to try to get the papers they need, but the lawyer lets them know that their path to citizenship will be much easier is they can claim political persecution in their home countries. “Genocide is good,” he tells them. “Genital mutilation is better. Dictators are best.”

The three did not experience any of these issues and do not uncover any family stories of persecution that could help them. As they search for some way to work the system, they know that they have to keep a low profile — any attention, even good attention, could result in the deportation of their entire families. 

In effect, these young people are truly from nowhere, belonging to neither their home countries to which they do not connect, or the country in which they live — which would toss them out in a minute.

From Nowhere will be in theaters on February 17. Check here for theaters and times.
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