GARDENS OF THE NIGHT – Starring John Malkovich, Gillian Jacobs and Tom Arnold

‘Gardens of the Night’ is a harrowing story of survival on the mean streets of San Diego.

At eight-years old, Leslie’s life is changed forever when she is lured into a car by a stranger. For seven years, she and another child, Donnie, live in horror, with no one to turn to but each other. Eventually abandoned by their captors, Leslie (Gillian Jacobs) and Donnie (Evan Ross), struggle with a hand-to-mouth existence on the streets of San Diego. Haunted by their pasts, it seems reality for Leslie and Donnie is being bought by strangers and never going home.   Damian Harris directs this 2008 drama featuring John Malkovich, Jeremy Sisto, and Gillian Jacobs, as well as Tom Arnold in one of the most powerful roles of his career.

The New York Times called ‘Gardens of the Night’ “frighteningly believable” and Rex Reed said that it was “worth every sobering moment.”
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