GETTING HOME (Luo ye gui gen)

A farmer repays a debt to a friend by bringing his body home when the friend dies far from home. In Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles.

The premise of Getting Home, a gently mordant comedy from the Chinese director Zhang Yang, is halfway between As I Lay Dying and Weekend at Bernie’s….The picaresque tale, which won a jury award at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival, combines the social commentary almost inevitable in a contemporary Chinese film….with a canny Western-style whimsicality. –Mike Hale, The New York Times

“A debt of friendship turns into a life-changing experience for a Chinese working-class stiff in Zhang Yang’s ‘Getting Home’, a road movie-cum-gentle comedy of manners that packs an emotional punch in its final reels. Topped by a finely calibrated, strait-faced [performance] by Mainland stage comedian Zhao Benshan, and marbled with en-route cameos by some of China’s best character actors, pic is a feast of acting as well as an on-the-nose portrait of modern Chinese provincial life in all its absurdities.” – Derek Elley, Variety

“Simply put, ‘Getting Home’ is one of the best Chinese films of the year. The latest effort from Zhang Yang, who previously delighted viewers with the likes of Shower, it sees the Sixth Generation director continuing his rich vein of form with another honest tale of ordinary people.” – James Mudge, Beyond Hollywood

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