“Hank And Asha” Is The Perfect Date Movie

June 19, 2017 — They seem so connected it is difficult to remember that they have never actually met. 

Hank and Asha, a charmingly unexpected rom-com, is described by  The New York Times as “… a movie by people who honor the pleasures of waiting, wondering and longing in an instantaneous world.”

The review continues, saying that the romance “…shimmers along with the charming urge to connect and reveal yourself that links its two correspondents.”

After the film won Best Narrative Film at the Brooklyn Film Fest, The New York City Movie Guru stated: “Hank and Asha might be the best modern love story since Once or Before Sunset. It’s beautifully written, tender, honest, funny and sweet without veering into melodramatic or schmaltzy territory. …This is the rare love story that has both style and substance.”

Pop Matters agrees, saying “… it takes his time, unfolding the layers of the relationship with refreshing precision. The result is a surprisingly winning digital epistolary romance.”

The love story is told through a series of video recordings of two people separated by half a world, (Hank, a filmmaker in New York and Asha an Indian girl studying in Prague). Because they are separated — in fact they have never met — they have time for their story to unfold. But because they are from such different places in their lives, it makes a true connection difficult.

Watch Hank and Asha on Amazon Video.

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