He Is Known As “The Mozart Of Chess” — Magnus Carlsen Is Very Possibly The Greatest Chess Player Who Ever Lived

July 11, 2017 — He was always different.

As a child, he was bullied, and sat by himself most of the time. But a strong interest in numbers proved to his parents that he was more than just s smart kid with a talent for math.

Magnus Carlsen was a genius.

By the age of 13 he had become a Grandmaster; called the “Mozart of Chess,” he is considered by many to be the greatest living player. Some claim he is the greatest of all time. His 2014 FIDE (Fédération Internationale des Échecs or World Chess Federation) rating of 2882 is the highest in history.

His memory is superb, his ability and creativity are enormous assets.

Benjamin Ree amassed 500 hours of footage on the chess genius for his acclaimed documentary Magnus, which opens this Friday, November 18.

Magnus isn’t really a film about chess at all, but about confidence, the will to succeed, overcoming obstacles and frustrations, but most of all, family. Magnus, both the film and the person, is remarkable, and truly inspirational.

Chess has never been so engrossing, mesmerising or entertaining. Benjamin Ree’s film is a wonderful account of one of the greatest achievers of the past decade, and is an absolute must.” Paul Heath, The Hollywood News.

Magnus is available on DVD or Blu-ray, or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.
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