“House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell” Will Open The Door To Eternal Evil

October 17, 2016 — The House of Horrors is so much more than just another haunted house attraction.

It may open the gates of Hell. At least that’s the plan.

Hidden somewhere in the eerie Haunted House attraction in Western New York (a real attraction) is an altar that, if unsealed, would permanently open the portal between Hell and Earth. And someone inside the amusement park wants to find a way to open it. 

And that someone (something?) is willing to kill anyone who gets in its way.

Employees have been disappearing, strange images appear on ¬†publicity photos — and a local exorcist is concerned that people are facing a true haunting.

Entertaining, gory, filled with creepy deaths and Halloween-type imagery, The House of Horrors: Gates of Hell is shocking fun.

House of Horrors: Gates of Hell is available on Blu-ray.
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