How Do You Cheer Up A Best Friend Who Has Been Left At The Altar? Take Him On A “Buddymoon”

October 27, 2016 — It should have been the best time of David’s life. He was getting married and going off on a honeymoon, a hike through the backwoods and mountains of Oregon, with his lovely fiancée.

But just a few days before the big event, David’s fiancée walks out on him. His plans, hopes and dreams are all upset in one miserable day.

So David does what any red-blooded American male would do. He crawls into his room and drinks.

David’s best friend, Flula, was going to be his best man. Now, something different is called for. Flula convinces David that they should take the honeymoon — a trip that was planned to provide him with material for an upcoming film role in a movie about explorers Lewis and Clark — together. David will get his research material and Flula will get him out of the house and moving again.

Along the way, the two men indulge their basic natures; David, especially now, is the more downbeat of the two, Flula is effortlessly sunny. They commune, connect and explore their surroundings and their environment.

Things are not all bucolic splendor and effortless vacation — by the end of this happily comic adventure, Davide ends up with more appreciation of the difficulties Lewis and Clark met on their famous trek.

David and Flula’s Buddymoon, while certainly not the trip David had intended, is a memorable and comic journey.

Buddymoon was an audience favorite at film festivals (it won awards at the Slamdance, Las Vegas and Florida Festivals).

Buddymoon is available on Blu-ray and DVD or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.
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