Iconic Filmmaker Robert Altman Turns to Psychological Horror in This 70s Sleeper Hit

September 15, 2017 —
Audiences across the globe recognize famed writer-director Robert Altman‘s genius in comedy with the international hit MASH, in music with his subversive classic Nashville, in westerns with his masterpiece McCabe and Mrs. Miller and in noir with his cult hit The Long Goodbye.

Now, thanks to his 1972 film Images, we can add psychological horror to that list of recognitions.

In this artistic expedition into the terrifying and supernatural, Cathryn (played by BAFTA Award-winning 60s icon Susannah York) lives a comfortable life as a wealthy housewife in the suburbs when she begins receiving anonymous phone calls. Pregnant and spooked, her husband Hugh (TV royalty René Auberjonois of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Benson and Boston Legal) persuades the couple to vacation to Ireland. However, immediately upon arriving, Cathryn begins hearing voices and witnessing strange apparitions. When Hugh must leave Cathryn in the countryside to take a business trip, her paranoia and frights increase until she cannot distinguish reality from nightmare. Taking matters into her own hands to squash the horrific nights, will she commit atrocities she may later regret?

The film was nominated for the Golden Globe for Best English-Language Foreign Film, and legendary composer John Williams (Star Wars, Jurassic Park, E.T., Harry Potter series) was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Score.

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