In “American Roulette,” Andy Garcia Plays A South American President Forced Into Exile When A Military Coup Deposes His Government

March 14, 2017 — For Carlos Quintas (Andy Garcia), it is difficult to know who to trust.

Quintas is the democratically elected president of a South American country, but he has been deposed by a military coup and now lives in London where he leads a government in exile, attempting to raise support from the international community to help him regain control of his country.

The military of his own country wants him kidnapped or dead and they have sent professionals to take him out one way or the other. But they are not the only ones threatening him. Between the KGB, the CIA, Her Majesty’s Secret Service and his own assistant, Kate (Kitty Aldridge, House of Cards, Divorcing Jack)  — whom he secretly loves –Quintas is never sure whom he can trust.

This thriller is disturbing and timely, with echoes of Costa-Gavras’ Z.

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