In “Armed And Deadly” (AKA “Deadly Closure”) An Ex-G.I. Has To Fight A Terrorist And Her Murderous Brother At The Same Time

January 6, 2017 — Janis Mackenzie’s life has not been easy.

As a child she witnessed the murder of her parents by her brother Jamey (Ken Stellingwerf).

He was convicted and put in prison, in part on her testimony at his trial.

After that, in 1994, she went to Kuwait as a soldier. During an ambush Janis takes out all but one of the attackers, the leader Kadir. But she is badly injured in the fight and winds up in the hospital.

Years later, while working as a freelance photographer, she gets two doses of bad news. First, her brother is being released from prison. He has never forgiven her testimony against him at the trial and he intends to exact revenge on her. Second, Kadir has managed to gain entry to the U.S.; he has changed his name and he is also coming after her.

Lisa Varga (Marley & Me) stars as the ex G.I. who has to fight it out once more — back home.

Armed and Deadly (aka Deadly Closure) is available on DVD or Blu-ray or you can stream it instantly on Amazon Video.
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