In “Backgammon,” The Games Are Risky, Sexual And Suspenseful

April 3, 2017 — When 5 young people visit an isolated mansion, they get involved in psychological games that keep them on edge throughout the weekend.

Part mystery, part thriller and filled with psychological and sexual tension, Backgammon keeps its characters and viewers in suspense.

College student Andrew issues an invitation to Lucien and his girlfriend Elizabeth for a weekend getaway at the mansion. But the couple is disheartened to discover that Miranda, Andrew’s sister, and her despised boyfriend, Gerald, will also be there.

Gerald keeps pushing everyone’s buttons, and when he proves to be too much to take, Andrew and Elizabeth take off. But Lucien stays, to see if the sudden attraction between him and Miranda comes to anything.

Gerald continues to misbehave, and after a nasty, drunken scene, Miranda throws him out.

Finally she and Lucien are alone — or are they? Neither Lucien nor Miranda is sure that Gerald ever left the mansion. And if he didn’t, what is he still doing there?

Twists and turns, a stylized setting, growing sexual tension and psychological suspense keep the characters and plot simmering.

Backgammon is available on Blu-ray and DVD, or you can watch it immediately on Amazon Video.

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