In “How To Be A Serial Killer,” The Teacher’s Pet Gets More Than He Bargained For

February 16, 2017 — You can find seminars on almost any subject these days. You just have to know where to look…

Mike (Dameon Clarke, Dragon Ball Z) teaches a seminar called How to Be a Serial Killerin which he teaches his students to “listen to the voices in your head,” and stop repressing the urges to go out and kill those who annoy you.

He meets Bart (Matthew Gray Gubler, Criminal Minds, Band of Robbers),  a video store clerkand recognizes a nascent serial killer whom he sets out to groom. He shows Bart that this can all be good clean fun — until it isn’t.

Best Horror Movies states, “How to be a Serial Killer is imaginative and intriguing, offering many points where the laughter blurts out before you have a chance to glance around the room to see who might hear you. Dameon Clarke and Matthew Gray give impressive performances, each on track and believable in the light of the characters they are portraying. The progression of Dameon Clarke as Mike through the transition from happy-go-lucky and fun to disturbed and unbalanced is particularly effective, as the demons within only occasionally show themselves via a word, a moment of insecurity or an evil look in his eyes. … Being a serial killer can be fun, if it weren’t for the severe mental imbalance necessary to act out such morbid fantasies and nasty consequences that are always sure to follow.”

28 Days Later adds, “A great film and a lot of fun to watch.”

How to Be a Serial Killer is available on Blu-Ray and DVD or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.

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