In “Lost Christmas,” Understanding What One Has Lost May Be The First Step On The Road Towards Healing

December 20, 2016 — How does a ten-year old deal with overwhelming guilt?

Young Goose takes his father’s car keys in an attempt to keep him from going to work on Christmas. There is no way that the child could have foreseen the consequences — Goose’s mother will drive the father to work, and both will be killed in an accident. Goose is suddenly both guilt and grief-stricken.

A year later, Goose’s dog, Mutt, goes missing. In looking for him, Goose meets up with a mysterious stranger named Anthony. Anthony, played by actor/comedian Eddie Izzard, appears to have amnesia; he also appears to have a remarkable ability — he can look into a person’s heart to discover what that person has lost.

Goose, Anthony and Goose’s alcoholic uncle, Frank (Jason Flemyng) continue looking for Mutt, and meet up with a number of damaged people along the way. And as Anthony learns what each one is searching for, he helps them understand that what they may need most is self-forgiveness.

Goose learns that his single action has had an affect on the lives of many people — including his own.

A heartwarming story, Lost Christmas has the Dove Foundation seal of approval for children over the age of 12.

Lost Christmas is available on Blu-ray or DVD or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.
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