In “My Guardian Angel,” An Autistic Twin Lives A Horror-Filled Life Until…

June 29, 2017 — Hannah’s life has been a torment.

She was extremely close to her twin sister, Angel. But when Angel died under suspicious circumstances, Hannah, who is autistic, was never allowed to mourn. Anything that might provide her with comfort was taken from her.

She is aware that her parents are abusive and she thinks it is a possibility that they may actually kill her.

She is locked, by fear, her autism, her situation.

Suddenly she starts to hear a voice — but she isn’t sure if it is from inside her head, or from somewhere else, somewhere not of this world. Just as suddenly she finds a knife under her pillow.

Is Angel trying to reach her, trying to help Hannah achieve revenge? And will Hannah have the nerve to follow Angel’s lead?

True horror, disturbing and visceral. Unrated.

Stream My Guardian Angel on Amazon Video.

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