In “Respire,” The Secrets of Life And Death Are Contained In A Little Wooden Box

April 19, 2017 — Susan, who owns a small curio shop in an undisclosed location, has a terminal illness and a difficult, lonely life.

A client expresses serious interest in a small box she has in her possession, making her curious about its history and worth. A little research informs her that one of the previous owners, Dr. Kaminsky believed that the box contained a human life force.

Having little to lose, Susan inhales it, and find herself cured.

Well, mostly.

It seems that Dr. Kaminsky, following some Ancient Roman practices, has captured the last breath of a dying person — which contains that person’s life force. But Susan is suddenly possessed of all of the elements of the dying person’s qualities.

Some of them are just a little more violent than Susan was before she breathed in the fumes. Actually, a lot more violent.

And she isn’t the only one affected. Dr. Kaminsky hid a number of boxes, and the inhabitants of this small town find them, breathe them in and experience side effects similar to Susan’s.

Respire is violent, quirky horror with an original plot twist.

Respire is available to stream on Amazon Video.
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