In “The Christmas Bunny” A Troubled Young Girl And An Injured Rabbit Recover Together

December 7, 2016 — Julia Haggen is having a very tough time.

The young girl has been traumatized by her uncaring and abusive mother. By the time she is put into foster care with Patti and Scott Cooper, she refuses to speak to anyone.

Glum and troubled, Julia doesn’t start to open up until she finds an injured rabbit in the Cooper’s backyard.

The Coopers are in financial difficulties, and the prospect of vet bills is out of the question. But a cranky old woman named Betsy Ross (Florence Henderson, The Brady Bunch) runs a rabbit sanctuary nearby and she and the girl help nurse the bunny back to health. As the bunny heals, Julia starts to heal as well, and is able to start connecting to her adoptive parents.

The Christmas Bunny is a touching movie with a grittier soul than the average holiday movie (this is probably not appropriate for very young children). 

The Christmas Bunny is available on DVD, or you can stream it immediately on Amazon Video.
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