In The Mystery “Restitution,” Nearly Everyone Seems To Have A Secret They Would Do Anything To Keep Private

March 2, 2017 — In true noir fashion, Restitution has the correct elements: a mysterious murder in need of solving, a beautiful woman with a past, a powerful family with a secret; an investigator who is probably out of his depth.

Of course, it’s difficult to know who is telling the truth. Everyone seems to have something to hide, and the obvious suspects may not be guilty of anything.

The gorgeous Mena Suvari stars as the bartender who was involved with the murder victim, an insurance investigator who may have gotten too close to someone’s secret and ends up murdered. And when Alex Forrester (Mark Bierlein) shows up, claiming that he is writing a book about the murder, he realizes that the beautiful bartender has secrets of her own — and that his investigation may be putting her in peril.

And Tom Arnold plays the enigmatic (and questionable) neighbor, who just happens to be a homophobic sharpshooter.

Twists and turns keep the suspense going and viewers will be kept guessing until the end.

Watch Restitution on Amazon Video.
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