In “Women Behind Bars,” Women Who Have Killed Tell Their Stories — From Inside Their Prisons

February 24, 2017 — What pushes a woman to the point where she will commit murder?

Of course, there is not one answer to that. And some women push far more easily than others.

In this true life series, women who have been convicted of committing murder — and have been incarcerated — tell the stories of their crimes, what drove them to them, and what life has been like for them since they have been in prison.

There are women who killed abusive spouses because they could not take it any more; women who killed over drugs; women who killed their parents, their children or other family members; women who claim to have killed in self-defense (but their claims were not supported by the evidence); women who killed for money, in a rage, during an argument.

Some regret their actions; others do not.

Stream 4 seasons (42 episodes, 2 stories per episode) of one of the most intense true crime series ever aired.

Watch Women Behind Bars on Amazon Video.

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