In “Young Dracula,” The Vampires Have The Same Problems As Every One Else — Well, Maybe A Few More

April 24, 2017 — Young Dracula is far more fun than vampires are supposed to be.

The award-winning series, which originally aired on CBBC, is a humorous horror/drama television show that is based loosely on a children’s book called 
Young Dracula and Young Monsters by Michael Lawrence. It won the Royal Television Society Award for Best Children’s Drama, and the Welsh BAFTA for Best Children’s Drama.

It stars Gerran Howell, Keith Lee Castle, Simon Ludders and Clare Thomas.

The series follows the Dracula family of vampires. They decide to move from Transylvania after angry mobs cause some unfortunate incidents in their home town. They end up in Stokely, a small town in Wales. Vlad, the family’s oldest son, has the ambition of living a normal life (and perhaps, of becoming human). However, he learns that it is difficult to live a normal life when your family members are all vampires. His sister Ingrid is unrepentant and angry that Vlad is to be “The Chosen One,” or leader of the vampire world. Vlad, on the other hand, has sworn off human blood and only drinks soy blood substitute.

In order to fit in, the family attempts to hide their vampire background, but suspicions arise. Robin Branagh, the vampire-obsessed son of the next-door neighbors, is convinced that his next-door neighbors are vampires but he’s unable to prove that there is something different about the family. Additionally Vlad’s shop teacher, Mr. Van Helsing, also suspects that there is a vampire in his class — only his thoughts turn to Robin.

Seriously addictive, Young Dracula has a cult following in both the U.S.A. and the U.K.

Bloody good fun — stream 5 seasons of  Young Dracula on Amazon.

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