Intimate Portraits K#21DD06

The Kennedys are unlike any other family in American history. They became symbols of faith, of family, of public service. And now, the torch has been passed to a new generation.

Caroline Kennedy (best-selling author on the subject of privacy)…Maria Shriver (former network news anchor and (now ex-) wife of box office mega-star and former governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger)…Kathleen Kennedy Townsend (the only Kennedy woman to cross from campaigner to candidate, former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland)…Kerry Kennedy Cuomo (international human rights worker, once married to the son of another political dynasty)…are re-defining what it means to be a “Kennedy woman”

For this very special Intimate Portrait, Lifetime has had unprecedented access to the most famous family in America. The Young Kennedy Women visits with three of Robert Kennedy’s daughters-Kathleen, Kerry and Rory-as well as the late Senator Edward Kennedy, and several close friends of the family. Using never-before-seen family photographs, as well as home movies, we will get a very intimate look at these extraordinary women.

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