It’s Every Parent’s Fear — The Disappearance Of A Child

May 2, 2017 — When 14-year old Amber disappears from her Dublin home, her family is thrown into a kind of petrified turmoil. 

Her parents have to cope with having their worst fears come true.

The uncertainty is overwhelming. They have no idea what has happened or even where to start looking.

Amber’s parents, Sarah and Ben, will try anything, explore any avenue, to try to find their daughter. But their attempts always seem to lead nowhere, and it is difficult for the two, who are no longer together, to keep their hopes up.  

Police follow leads, but cannot seem to pinpoint a suspect or a location to investigate.

This four-part series, Amberfollows the investigation into Amber’s disappearance over the course of two years.

Watch this searing 4-part drama on DVD and Blu-ray.

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