It’s National Irish Coffee Day — Enjoy A Cup And A Laugh With “Puckoon,” A Truly Irish Comedy


January 25, 2016 — For those inclined to drink Irish coffee, a concoction of rich coffee, a little sugar, a hit of Irish Whiskey and a large helping of cream, this is the time of year for it. In mid-winter, storms and freezing temperatures make the warming drink most inviting.

And what could go better with a friendly cup of Irish coffee than a movie celebrating Irish eccentricity and black humor? Puckoon, from a much-loved book by Spike Milligan, tells the story of an Irish town  during the partition of Ireland which separated Ireland and Northern Ireland which finds itself, due to administrative incompetence, divided down the middle — with half of the pub (the bar is on one side, the chairs on the other), half of the  churchyard and half of the residents suddenly on opposite side of the divide. As the people of the town of Puckoon begin to alter their views and personalities according to the side of the divide they have found themselves on, someone must discover a way to restore order.

The cast includes master filmmaker Richard Attenborough (Jurassic Park, Ghandi, The Children Who Cheated the Nazis), Elliott Gould (Ocean’s Eleven, M.A.S.H.), Milo O’Shea (Romeo and Juliet), Nickolas Grace (Brideshead Revisited) and a large well-known cast of British and Irish actors and comedians.

Spike Milligan, actor, writer and immensely influential comedian, is probably best-known for having been co-creator and actor on The Goon Show, which gave Peter Sellers his start and is considered to be one of the fore-runners of Monty Python. John Cleese called him “…the Great God to us all,” and comedian Eddie Izzard proclaimed him “Our first comic philosopher.”

So make yourself a cup of Irish coffee (if that is to your taste) and sit back and enjoy Puckoon, a farce filled with black humor, absurdity and some wonderful performances.
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