Kids Will Enjoy “The Big Comfy Couch” So Much They Won’t Realize It’s Educational

March 28, 2017 — Children love to watch The Big Comfy Couch from the comfort of their own comfy couches.

The Big Comfy Couch
is, of course, the popular pre-school children’s program, seen on public television stations, which features Loonette the Clown and Loonette’s doll Molly, who sit together on their “big comfy couch” and learn about the day’s lesson or issue. 

The programs, aimed at pre-schoolers, start with Loonette doing an exercise routine she calls the “Clock Rug Stretch” after that she may read to Molly, visit Clowntown, sing songs, visit with friends or family, anfaced learn about the day’s lesson. At the end of every episode, she does the “Ten Second Tidy” to straighten up if the day’s activities made a mess.

In addition to Loonette (played by Alyson Court until she was replaced by Ramona Gilmour-Darling) and Molly, re-appearing characters include Loonette’s Slavic grandmother, Granny Garbanzo (and her cat Snicklefritz) Fuzzy and Wuzzy, two dust bunnies who live under the couch (only Molly knows of their existence), Eileen, Jim and Andy Foley, who live inside Loonette’s dollhouse, Auntie Macassar and Uncle Chester, Loonette’s traveling relatives and Major Bedhead, a local clown who makes deliveries to Loonette’s home.

Children love the characters, the gentle humor, and charming music.

The immensely popular show, which was produced for Canadian Public Television, ran for 7 seasons and 100 programs.

Stream all of The Big Comfy Couch episodes on Amazon Video.

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