“Kingdom Of Shadows” Tells The Stories Of the Mexican Drug Trade From Three Separate Points Of View

June 29, 2017 — The drug wars, as implemented by the United States and Mexico, have had a significant effect on the areas close to the border.

But their effect has been questionable, and one of the definite results of the war has been its cost on the local people. Not since the days of Pinochet in Chile have so many people, many of them complete innocents, “disappeared” from view. The warring factions in the drug trade kill easily, violently, in order to send a message to anyone who would think to cross the cartels who have taken possession of this beautiful area of Mexico. The narco kitchen — or mass graves —  that have become associated with the local wars, have taken the lives of many innocents.

Kingdom of Shadows tells the story of the drug wars through the eyes of three people each of whom experiences their effects differently. Don Henry Ford Jr. is a convicted drug smuggler from Belmont, Texas. When he needed fast cash to keep his farm afloat, he became part of the drug trade. He would eventually be caught and would spend time in prison, but his realization that the drug cartels were getting more and more violent made his decision to concentrate on farming an easy one.

Oscar Hagelsieb grew up in an area influenced by the drug trade, yet he would go into law enforcement, knowing that this made him a target.

Sister Consuelo Morales is an activist/nun who deals with those who have disappeared and the families they leave behind. She has become a middle man for the families and the police who are often corrupt and sometimes are responsible for the abductions that have plagued the area.

This documentary shows the hum an cost of the American/Mexican war on drugs.

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