“Lapland Odyssey” Is A Hilarious Finnish Road Movie

June 15, 2016 — Lapland Odyssey is a truly original comic adventure.

Janne and his girlfriend Inari live in Northern Finland, where the dark and the frozen landscape make staying inside a near-necessity. Inari wants just one thing: a cable box. Janne, who is lazy and goes outside as little as possible whatever the weather, has never come through with the promised gift. Finally Inari has had enough. Her ultimatum is simple — she get the cable box immediately or she leaves for good.

This might be the only thing capable of setting Janne in motion –a state highly unfamiliar to him. He rounds up some friends and heads off in search of the item that will restore his home life. But the trip will be filled with unexpected encounters and hilarious events — nasty reindeer, armed and angry Russians, Inari’s ex-boyfriend, a topless water polo game and numerous other incidents — all the things you naturally expect to encounter while attempting to lay hands on a cable box.

The winner of numerous awards and glowing reviews, Lapland Odyssey is an unpredictable comic delight.

TwitchFilm Praised the comedy: “LAPLAND ODYSSEY is the type of small wonder that makes all of the hundreds of hours spent sitting alone in a dark theater worthwhile.”

The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival. In Finnish, English and Swedish with subtitles.

Lapland Odyssey is available in DOD and Blu-Ray.

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