LEO’S ROOM (El cuarto de Leo)

In Montevideo, a troubled and disaffected young man retreats to his room , unable to find the motivation to continue anything in his life. After a break up with his girlfriend he discovers, with the help of the internet and a therapist, some of the reason for his reclusive lifestyle. An encounter with an old schoolmate helps him further understand and break out of his self-imposed, sheltered life.

“An impressive debut by Uruguayan writer Enrique Buchichio, Leo’s Room drifts in a laid-back, almost dreamy way toward edgy subjects usually accompanied by hysterical angst…It’s a delicately balanced mood piece that could segue from gay to art house venues.” – Variety

“Centering around a sexually confused young man named Leo the film is a sensitive exploration of coming to terms with your sexuality and understanding who you really are.” – Entertainment Focus

Language: Spanish with English subtitles.

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