“Looking For Palladin” Stars Ben Gazzara, Whose Performances Should Never Be Missed

June 7, 2016 — As Looking For Palladin explains, some people don’t enjoy the limelight.

Jack Palladino was a Hollywood success story. A Two-time Oscar® winner, he chose to give up the fanfare and retire. For years he has worked as a cook at a small restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala, a simpler life that has afforded him some peace.

But Hollywood is coming to find him again, in the form of Josh Ross, a high-energy, obnoxious talent agent. Ross has a huge offer for Palladin — $1 million for a cameo in a remake of one of his old films.

Ross is unaccustomed to the slow-paced life, the locals who are not impressed with his urgency and a lifestyle he is unable to comprehend. He also cannot understand Palladin’s choice of a lifestyle.

To make their encounter more difficult, Ross’ mother, a former actress, was once married to Palladin, although the two have never met.

The legendary Ben Gazzara stars as the former star; David Moscow — best remembered as the young boy who turns into Tom Hanks in Big —  plays Josh Ross. with Talia Shire, Vincent Pastore and Pedro Armendariz Jr.

Looking for Palladin is available on Blu-Ray and DVD.

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