“Manifesto,” With Cate Blanchett In 13 Different Roles, Opens At The Tribeca Film Festival

April 26, 2017 —  
Manifesto opens at the Tribeca Film Festival today.

The two-time Academy-Award®-winning Cate Blanchett takes on 13 separate roles, each a virtual monologue, in which her character discusses one of the movements in art that has affected our times.

Her vignettes include statements by a homeless man, a mourner, a school teacher, a housewife, a reporter and newscaster, each talking about a different movement in art.

What could have been scholarly and dry turns into a fascinating, no holds barred performance — actually 13 performances — by the chameleon-like Blanchett.

Manifesto will open theatrically in May. Check here for theaters and times.

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