“Manifesto,” With Cate Blanchett In 13 Roles, Opens This Week

May 8, 2017 — Cate Blanchett is always fascinating.

She has played Elizabeth I of England, The Lady of the Wood in The Lord of the Rings, a righteous and straight-laced Victorian wife (An Ideal Husband), a python (The Jungle Book) an evil fairytale stepmother (Cinderella), a resistance-worker in World war II France (Veronica Guérin); and the list continues.

But rarely has this chameleon-like actor had the opportunity to play so many roles in a single movie.

In Manifesto, Blanchett has 13 widely divergent roles, with many views of the world of art.

What might have sounded dry and intellectual in other hands becomes a fascinating tour-de-force when attacked by one of the great actors of our times. 

Manifesto opens theatrically this week; check here for theaters and schedules.

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