“Marjorie Prime,” One of the Year’s Most Anticipated and Acclaimed Sci-Fi Films, Has Great Opening Weekend

August 21, 2017 —
Friday saw the opening of one of the most anticipated sci-fi dramas of the year: Marjorie Prime.

Intangible, it is often difficult to remember what is real and what isn’t. And what you want to remember or would prefer to forget.

Marjorie Prime (Lois Smith) is an 86-year-old woman suffering from dementia. As she loses her ability to remember – though maintains a sense of bereavement over the loss of her husband – her family buys her a hologram image of her late husband (Jon Hamm) as he looked in his youth. He has been taught the family’s spoken history so that he can talk to her about their time together. This is memory-enhancement for the impaired Marjorie, even if it is through an on-looker’s eyes.

But realizing that she will not necessarily remember things exactly as they were, Marjorie tells her holographic husband memories as she wishes they were. 

Marjorie’s daughter and son-in-law need to come to terms with the changes Marjorie’s new/old relationship is having on her.

Michael Almereyda directs from a script based on the Pulitzer Prize®-nominated play by Jordan Harrison.

The film stars legendary Hollywood actress Lois Smith (East of Eden, Five Easy Pieces, Resurrection, Fatal Attraction, Fried Green Tomatoes), Golden Globe® and Emmy Award® winner Jon Hamm (Mad MenBlack Mirror, Baby Driver) as well as Academy Award® winners Geena Davis (Thelma & Louise) and Tim Robbins (Shawshank Redemption, Mystic River).

Rave reviews have poured in for the film, celebrating the outstanding performances and smart screenplay adaptation:

“Michael Almereyda’s film is so subtly smart, and veiled in such layers of suggestion, that you need to be on your toes from the beginning.” —The New Yorker

“A welcome antidote to the usual surfeit of formulaic Hollywood junk.” —New York Observer

“[Almereyda]’s perfect for what amounts to a feature-length conversation piece about the fragility of memory.” —Time Out

“Hamm is fantastic as the holographic Walter, adjusting his performance subtly so he appears sometimes devastatingly human and sometimes unsettlingly robotic.” —Entertainment Weekly

Marjorie Prime is now screening at the Quad Cinema in New York City, and prepares to hit select theatres.

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