“Monster Hunt” Becomes The Highest Grossing Film In Chinese Box Office History


October 22, 2015 – China’s state news agency, Xinhua, has announced that Monster Hunt has become the country’s biggest box office film of all time. Xinhua used data from the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

Previously, the highest grossing film in Chinese box office history had been Furious 7, which was reported in April to have taken in $323 million in China, breaking the previous record set by  Transformers: Age of Extinction ($319 million). Furious 7 actually made several million dollars more in China than it did in the U.S.

However,  since its opening in July, Monster Hunt was reported to have taken in RMB2.428 billion, or $381 million at current exchange rates. In its first 8 days of release, Monster Hunt grossed more than $162 million.

Monster Hunt is a live action/CGI animation hybrid which explores a mythical conflict between humans and monsters — in which the humans are much more badly behaved than the cute monsters. It was directed by Raman Hui, who was one of the creators of the blockbuster Shrek franchise for Dreamworks. The monsters and plot elements are derived from classic Chinese literature.

The North American rights to Monster Hunt  have been acquired by FilmRise from Edko Films. FilmRise CEO Danny Fisher  stated, “We are beyond thrilled to be bringing ‘Monster Hunt’ to a whole new audience here in North America, after the film broke records and charmed millions of theater-goers in Asia,” He continued,  “With its spellbinding CGI and remarkable action sequences, the film provides plenty of entertainment for kids and adults alike.”

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