“Monster Hunt” Is A Movie With Something For Everyone

December 16, 2016Monster Hunt is the animated/live action charmer from China that combines an action adventure plot, martial arts and the most intriguing and adorable CGI monsters seen in movies so far — a real crowd-pleasing spectacle that captured hearts throughout China. It remains one of the top-grossing films in Chinese cinema history.

It was directed by Raman Hui, who was the supervising animator and character designer on Shrek.

In an extraordinary fantasy world, monsters and humans cannot seem to live together. Humans hunt any monsters who dare to enter into human controlled territories.

When a civil war breaks out in the monster world, the old king is killed and the pregnant queen has to run for her life — into the human world. But when she is injured and realizes she cannot keep her unborn baby safe, she finds a surrogate — a goofy young man named Song Tianyin, who suddenly finds himself pregnant and on the run from both the human monster hunters and the upstart monsters, both of whom want the baby dead.

In his efforts to survive, he is aided by a monster hunter, a young woman named Huo Xiaolan, who wants to protect the monster, but only because she  knows the baby of the old monster King will fetch a good price. She leads Tianyin to the city where she can sell the baby monster for the most money. But once the baby is born he wins the heart of Tianyin, whose unexpected maternal instincts take over.

Children will fall in love with Wuba, the baby Monster King — and he will win the hearts of grown-ups, too.

Monster Hunt is available in Chinese, with English subtitles, and in a family-friendly English dubbed version; it is also available in Blu-ray or DVD, or in a combo pack. It is also available in both 2-D and 3-D versions.
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