“Monster Hunt,” The Epic Adventure, Opens In Two Days — And Wuba, The Baby Monster King, Is Already Winning Hearts


January 20, 2016 — Monster Hunt, the highest-grossing movie in Chinese box office history, will open in the U.S. in two days.

An epic adventure with live-action and animation elements, the movie is hotly-anticipated. Directed by Raman Hui, one of the creators of Shrek, Monster Hunt combines choreographed acrobatic martial arts scenes reminiscent of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, performances by some of China’s most talented and popular actors and a large collection of creatures (both fierce and friendly) that only an animator could have dreamed up.

Watch a clip from the film in which Wuba, the enchanting baby Monster King, is threatened with a fire beetle by the evil overlord. 

In a live interview with Diva Velez, director Raman Hui discussed what he wanted audiences to learn from this movie: ” What I would like the audience to take away is I guess about acceptance.  Right now, the US I think, we can really use more of that.  And actually, speaking for myself, I felt very lucky and blessed because when I went to DreamWorks, they accepted me as one of them. You know what I mean by that, acceptance?  Like in the movie, how Bai Baihe’s character, how she hated the monsters and then at the end, she’s in love with them, or with this one, particularly.”

Common Sense Media reviewed the film:

“In a world where monsters are a constant threat to people, it’s a good thing that monster hunters — skilled warriors trained to spot the beasts even when they’re disguised in human guise — are on patrol. In MONSTER HUNT, the queen of the monsters is about to give birth, but when her entourage is waylaid by an unexpected foe, she’s forced to hide her egg inside a simple human villager, Tianyin (Boran Jing). He has no idea what’s about to happen, so fortunately he encounters Xiaolan (Baihe Bai), a monster hunter who helps deliver the baby beast. Together, they vow to protect the newborn monster in an epic tale of martial arts mayhem and CGI monster madness.

“…The fight scenes are acrobatic showcases that have the actors doing flips, twists, leaps, and other amazing feats, and the love-hate chemistry between Jing and Bai gets more interesting as the film goes on. Bai especially adds some zest to the film, with a mischievous look that belies her inner steel. 

“The other stars of the film are the monsters, CGI creations that blend seamlessly within the live-action movie. Each one is different, and they’re all equally expressive — but the cutest of the lot is the baby, named Wuba, who’s adorable in every way. It’s no wonder that Xiaolan and Tianyin end up wrapped around Wuba’s tentacles, and so will the audience. Kids won’t even need to be able to read all the subtitles to enjoy the on-screen action.”

Additionally, Yahoo Movies has also begun to develop a soft spot for the face of Monster Hunt:

Monster Hunt hits theaters on January 22nd.

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