Monty Python Legend Terry Jones Goes on a New Adventure

August 31, 2017 —
You know him as one of the five members of the legendary British comedy group Monty Python. You know him as a writer of beloved and classic British sitcoms like The Two Ronnies. And for the last many years, you’ve known him as a history buff responsible for countless documentary series on everything ranging from underground cities to Medieval arts.

Now, the legend that is Terry Jones is off on an adventure in road mapping in Terry Jones’ Great Map Mystery. The four-part miniseries explores the reasons behind the first road atlas produced in Britain, and whether these historic maps, first published in 1675 by John Ogilby, can still be feasibly followed.

Terry sets off for the Welsh countryside in this entertaining, educational journey of historic and cultural significance. And the scenery’s not so bad either.

Terry Jones’ Great Map Mystery is available to stream on Amazon Prime.
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