MR. SATURDAY NIGHT – Starring Billy Crystal

Mr. Saturday Night

Billy Crystal stars and makes his directorial debut in this nostalgic, poignant comedy about a comedian who realizes that life is passing him by…and he may have missed the punchline. Co-starring David Paymer in an Oscarar-nominated role and featuring stand-out performances by Julie Warner, Helen Hunt and Ron Silver, and many moments of truth and insight (Leonard Maltin), Mr. SaturdayNight makes you laugh as it touches you with its heart of comic gold. After forty years of struggling to reach the top, funny man Buddy Young, Jr. (Crystal) is still fighting his way to themiddle. Buddy sharpens his act by delivering hilariously cutting insults to his audience…not to mention his family and friends. But when he goes too far and his brother/manager (Paymer) has had enough, Buddy faces the ultimate: To press on with his dying career or finally put the spotlight on theones he loves?

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