“My Friend Dahmer” Asks How A Quirky Teenager Transforms Into One Of The Most Notorious Criminals Of All Time

May 19, 2017 — FilmRise has acquired My Friend Dahmer, the biography based on the acclaimed graphic novel of the same name by Derf Backderf, an actual classmate of Dahmer’s.

Jeffrey Dahmer (Ross Lynch) would become a serial killer and rapist whose crimes would eventually include necrophilia and cannibalism. He would be convicted for 16 life terms, which he was serving when he was beaten to death by a fellow inmate.

My Friend Dahmer tells the story of Dahmer as a young man — before he became a notorious criminal. It tries to determine how an odd teenager morphs into a criminal, and what were the influences that created this possibility.

Anne Heche stars as his mentally unstable mother, and his difficult family life creates a potent environment for alienation and disengagement. 

FilmRise will release My Friend Dahmer theatrically later this year.

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