Naomi Kutin, The Orthodox Jewish Teenager Who Holds Many Powerlifting World Records, Really Is A “Supergirl”

April 20, 2017 — When she was 10 years old and 92.8 pounds, powerlifter Naomi Kutin broke a personal record: she deadlifted 209 pounds. That was 225 percent of her body weight.

Now 14, the New Jersey native holds numerous world records and competes in a sport traditionally regarded as a male undertaking.

However, Naomi does not lift on Shabbos. She is an observant Orthodox Jew.

Supergirl is an acclaimed documentary that examines the life of a young girl as she balances the many facets of her life — going through adolescence, school, religious observance (she prepared for her Bat Mitzvah during the filming process) and becoming a world record holder in power lifting.

And, like many visible females, she endures a significant amount of cyberbullying — trolls who tell her that powerlifting will stunt her growth, make her too masculine, is not a decent sport for a young Jewish girl. 

It is certainly a full life for a teenager who also volunteers to teach special needs kids.

Supergirl will get a theatrical release later this year.
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