Noam Chomsky, One Of The Great Intellectuals Of Our Time, Discusses The Disastrous Effects Of Income Inequality

June 1, 2016 — Noam Chomsky is considered by many people to be the most important intellectual alive.

He has taught for  years at M.I.T. (he personally graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and did his graduate work at Harvard). He has written over 100 books in numerous fields — linguistics, the media, politics, war and economics. He continues to do research to this day — he is 87 years old — and remains one of the most-cited authors in academia.

Early on he argued against the War in Vietnam, earning himself a spot on Richard Nixon’s Enemies List.

He recently agreed to an interview which subsequently turned into a documentary film. In Requiem for an American Dream he discusses the issue he considers paramount in American life — growing economic inequality. He asserts that the corporate class, the wealthy and the government are in lock-step, creating a system which is designed to keep control by ensuring that the middle class remains downtrodden. He discusses the fact that in the mid twentieth century one person could, by holding down a normal job, own a home and feed and educate a family — a prospect that is fairly impossible today.

Contending that the difficulty is that those with the greatest accumulation of wealth use it in part to buy access to and influence over the government, it means that decisions affecting the redistribution of wealth are made from their perspective. The government is no longer, according to Chomsky, representing “the people;” it is too influenced by those with wealth and power, who are intent on keeping it that way.

Godfrey Cheshire, of calls the film “… a provocative X-ray of current American political realities.”

This is an important document from an important thinker.

Requiem for the American Dream was acquired by FilmRise from Gravitas Pictures, along with a slate of films which included Peace Officer, Crazy About Tiffanys, Jim: The James Foley Story, The Last Man on the Moon, The Kid’s Menu, Why I’m Not on Facebook, Raven’s Touch and Band of Robbers.  It will be available for pre-order in August.

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