Nostradamus May Have Been The Greatest Prognosticator, Seer And Forecaster Who Ever Lived

April 5, 2017 — Born Michel de Nostredame, the man commonly known as Nostradamus is widely considered to be one of the greatest seers of the future who ever lived.

Born in 1503, Nostradamus first became well-known as an apothecary when he created a “rose pill” that supposedly help guard against the Plague. In 1550 he began to write a yearly almanac which, all told, contain 6,338 prophecies. These predictions made his name as a seer.

Following those prophecies, he wrote Les Propheties (The Prophecies), a series of 1,000 quatrains, mostly in French, However, he also added word games, odd sentence structure, Latin, Greek, Provençal and several other languages and writing techniques to obscure his meanings, perhaps out of fear of the Inquisition or of being tried as a heretic.

It is these prophecies that continue to intrigue today (approximately 58 of his quatrains have been lost). Many people contend that he foresaw Hitler, Hiroshima, both World Wars, Napoleon, the French Revolution, the Great Fire of London and 9/11. There are claims of other connections between his words and world events that have occurred centuries later.

Nostradamus presents the life of this physician, astrologer and seer. It follows his growing reputation which would eventually lead to his appointment as court physician to Charles IX of France. 

Tchéky Karyo (Bad Boys, GoldenEye), Julia Ormond (Sabrina, Stalin), Rutger Hauer (Escape from SobiborDead Tone), F. Murray Abraham (Amadeus)Amanda Plummer (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire) and Michael Gough (Batman) star in an intriguing film about an enigmatic subject.

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