nothing-sacred-fredric-march-carole-lombard-1937_i-G-37-3724-2MOAF00Z 2

In this digitally re-mastered classic screwball romantic comedy, Wallace Cook (Frederic March), a newspaper reporter finds himself in the doghouse with his editor after one of his stories proves to be a hoax. To redeem himself he proposes a series of stories on small town girl Hazel Flagg (Carole Lombard) who has been diagnosed as terminally ill with radium poisoning.

The stories prove immensely successful; the only problem is that Hazel has learned that she was misdiagnosed and is not ill at all. However, she is unwilling to give up the perks that came along with the original diagnosis and does not inform Cook of the new diagnosis, despite the fact that the two are rapidly falling in love.

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